Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a platform for early cancer detection using specific biomarkers through liquid biopsies that is accessible to the entire world population, generating social, economic and scientific value.
According to the World Health Organization, more than 9 million people die of cancer each year, the majority in low- and middle-income countries. One of the main problems is that many cases are diagnosed too late, or that current technologies are not easily accessible to all women. Even in countries with optimal health systems and services, many cancers are diagnosed at an advanced stage, when it is more difficult for treatment to be effective.

Our Vision

We work to achieve a world with greater equity to health, early and accurate diagnoses and to
able to treat their diseases with the highest probability of survival as possible. We want to bring our technology to biotechnology companies and laboratories around the world, since we are confident in its potential for early detection of cancer and therefore to save lives.

Who we are

EpiLiquid is a startup developed in the field of personalized precision medicine, created with the aim of providing solutions to screening, diagnosis and follow-up of cancer patients. Founded in 2021, EpiLiquid is the result of a successful partnership between the scientific-academic and private sectors. We have a young, multidisciplinary team work that brings together professionals from science and technological innovation.

Our Team

Emanuel Campoy - CSO - Chief Scientific Officer: Responsible for envisioning and building research capabilities (human, methodological, and technological) for developing evidence of the validity and utility of research products, and for communicating with the scientific and customer communities concerning capabilities and scientific product offerings. Develops the scientific strategy to be carried out in the company.

Clara Garcia Samartino - CTO - Chief Technological Officer: Responsible for research and development. Evaluates and sets scientific priorities and coordinates the administrative structure that supports scientists. Technological decision making in the short and medium term. Responsible for the implementation and supervision of the proposed strategy. Interlocutor between the CSO and the technical team.

María Victoria Bocanegra - CMO - Chief Medical Officer: Builds and maintains strong peer-peer relationships with key opinion leaders. Liaise between the internal team and the advisory board. Develops partnership agreements focusing on collaborative projects. Responsible for the visibility of the technology and the clinical potential of our product among oncologists, promoting the growth of the company.

Cintia Vaquer - Senior Scientist: Responsible for technical and pre-clinical validation. Process samples and analyses data. Resolves technical conflicts, manages good laboratory practices, and acts as an interlocutor between CTO and junior scientists.

Rodrigo Militello - Lab Manager: Coordinates with the medical team the correct handling, transport, and storage of biological sample collection to guarantee the highest quality of results. Responsible for purchasing and stock management. Also establishes standard laboratory operating procedures (SOP’s). Acts as an interlocutor between CTO and CSO.

Rafael Kemelmajer - CEO: Responsible for fundraising for the next round of investments. Maintains relationships with investors and shareholders. Defines the company's global strategies in areas such as biotechnology and precision medicine. Interlocutor between CTO, CSO and board of advisors.

Sebastián Arbona - Bioinformatic: Responsible for the development of computer tools to improve the handling of biological data.